Solving Legal Problems in Public Authorities

We offer a wide range of services designed to help our clients understand the complex legal system of interaction with government, in particular, tax and customs authorities.

Our services include full consideration of legal issues arising in public authorities and local self-government, including legal analysis of all documents, collection, execution of necessary documents, preparation and filing of applications/complaints, appeal against administrative acts of public authorities, as well as actions and (or) inaction of state bodies and officials in a higher authority and judicial procedure, representation in administrative proceedings, administrative court, etc. Our representation includes a thorough analysis of the facts and circumstances of each case to identify potential legal risks and problems. Our team of experienced lawyers will go over every detail of the case to provide clients with an accurate assessment of their situation.

We are aware of the stress of dealing with administrative authorities and, therefore, we make sure that our clients are always aware of their situation and potential problems.

We believe that prevention is always better than cure and that is why we provide legal advice to protect you from potential risks. Our attorneys work closely with clients to identify potential legal issues and develop strategies to avoid red tape.