Solutions in the field of Labor Relations

The NCI Solutions team provides legal advice and representation for both employers and employees in employment disputes.

Labor law services include legal advice on labor law issues, legal advice on human resource management, preparation of internal legal acts, representation during administrative inspections, negotiation of labor disputes and judicial representation.

Our services include legal analysis of all documents of the client company, preparation of labor contract drafts, legal advice on salary payment procedures, preparation of the employer’s internal disciplinary rules and other internal legal acts, offering the most effective ways to resolve labor disputes, resolution of labor contracts, protection of the rights and interests of employees, therefore protection of rights violated as a result of illegal dismissal, judicial and extrajudicial rehabilitation of employees at the former workplace, protection of interests in case of seizure of unpaid wages, extrajudicial and judicial protection.

We specialize in preventing the risks faced by employers in the field of labor relations, providing effective solutions and representing clients in employment disputes.

At NCI Solutions, we provide comprehensive legal solutions that ensure smooth running of employment relationships while minimizing risks.