Legal Support of Development Projects

NCI Solutions specializes in the sphere of legal assistance to construction projects, aiming at minimizing risks in the process, which includes the following:

  • Legal consulting in establishment of relationships between the constructions project parties
  • Due diligence
  • Legal assistance in registering real estate rights of the construction site
  • Legal assistance in the process of obtaining appropriate permits (project permits, building permits, etc.) from administrative authorities (including governmental and local self-governing authorities)
  • Legal registration of the right to conduct the construction.
  • Legal assistance in signing construction, project and other construction work related contracts, as well as legal assistance in organizing tenders thereof.
  • Legal consulting to contractors and drafting contractor contracts.
  • Legal consulting to customers in relationships with banks and credit organizations within the scope of the construction project
  • Legal assistance in arrangement of loan financing to buyers of construction facilities
  • Legal consulting in signing contracts for the initial sale and purchase of construction facilities as provided by RA Law; drafting contracts, as well as supporting in the process of contract signing and legal registration of rights.
  • Full legal assistance in the process of hand-over of the premises after the completion of the construction.
  • Legal assistance during the entire term of the project in case of disputes in the process of the construction.
NCI Solutions provides the above-stated services to more than twenty big construction companies and the members of NCI Solutions team have an extensive experience in dealing with construction projects.