Legal Support of Transactions With Real Estate and Movable Property

Real estate and movable property market in Armenia is developing at a rapid pace, attracting both local and foreign investors. With growth comes risks, in order to avoid which it is necessary to ensure high-quality protection of your investments.

Our team understands the complexities of the real estate market and is committed to providing effective legal solutions to our clients. We ensure the protection of the property rights of our clients, minimizing legal risks.

Services We Offer։

  • Legal advice at any stage of the transaction,
  • Due diligence of documents to identify legal risks,
  • preparation of packages of documents for transactions on alienation, acquisition, lease, mortgage and other transactions with real estate,
  • representing the client at the Notary Office and Cadastral Committee,
  • development and implementation of mechanisms to ensure the security of real estate transactions,
  • representation during judicial and administrative proceedings related to real estate cases,
  • Drafting contracts in Armenian, parallel to Russian, English, and French.
  • other services related to the execution of transactions for the lease of immovable and movable property, pledge and other property rights and the drafting of contracts

Our experience in property law makes us a key partner for those seeking legal assistance in the real estate market.