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NCI Solutions, founded in 2016, provides high-quality legal services in public and private sectors. Throughout our operations, we’ve been introducing innovative solutions into our legal services, to improve the quality of the work and meet expectations of each and every client. The primary goal of professional lawyers and attorneys of NCI Solutions is protection of the client from facing any legal problem.
By handing over their legal problems to us, our clientele, consisting of both Armenian and foreign legal entities, as well as individuals, have gained their freedom to fully engage in daily primary operations, leaving the hassle of problem solution to us. Among our clients, are such leading companies as EMC Construction Company, Ingo Armenia Insurance Company, SOLARA CJSC, Vardanants Medical Center, SAS Group, Z&A Stores, as well as the Operator of YEREVAN PARK entertainment center PARK GROUP Company, including Yerevan Park.
The team of NCI Solutions works with clients and customers (վստահորդ), speaking Armenian, Russian, English as well as French. The protection of our clients’ personal data and confidentiality of their legal information is the backbone of successful operation of NCI Solutions, which is ensured by the high-level of expertise and ethical standards of our team, as well as the use of various technical tools.
NCI Solutions provides the following legal services:

  • Comprehensive personalized service for corporate clients,
  • Identification of employer’s risks in all types of work-related situations, coming up with solutions and legal representation,
  • Legal guidance in transactions related to real estate or any movable property, including drafting contracts, assessing legal risks, and registering rights with the relevant authorities,
  • Collection of necessary information for obtaining construction permits, their submission to governmental and local authorities, and their presentation in public and private institutions,
  • Legal representation,
  • Comprehensive analysis of all problems with the state, including tax and customs authorities, consulting on mitigating possible risks, as well as addressing supervisory and administrative proceedings,
  • Evaluation of risks and legal representation in cases related to the Law of Expropriation of Property.

Legal services offered by NCI Solutions are not limited only to the above-stated ones.

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We guarantee the confidentiality of any information disclosed to Us and Your personal data.

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Legal issues can be overwhelming and confusing, so we offer effective advice to all potential clients:

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Many years of effective cooperation with our clients has formed our reputation as a reliable partner.

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Thanks to a team of knowledgeable and professional lawyers, NCI Solutions provides a wide range of high-quality legal services.

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